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I’ll admit it, I’ve been terribly weak with the product resisting lately. A couple of days ago, after the Showtime announcement, I plonked down money for the newly ‘enhanced’ 80GB iPod with video. And because I’m such a daring and unconventional Apple loyalist, I even got it in newbie Black. The decision was prefaced by several hours of White-or-Black, 30GB-or-80GB meandering. In the end I decided on black because I’ve stopped using white earphones. Ridiculous.

And now I’ve gone and bought into the stupid Tasty TwentyFive MacZOT that’s currently running. Long story short for those who don’t visit MacZOT, I’ve thrown USD$25 dollars into a mysterious fire, with no idea what I’ll be getting for the money. I won’t know till 3pm on Monday, at which time I fully expect to be overloaded with work, anticipating a heads-will-roll meeting 3 hours later. And the bloody iPod won’t arrive till maybe next Friday.

Why am I only blogging such mundane things? Should I mention the flowers that have been put up on Orchard Road? Have I already? I don’t even remember. I’m not interested in the implications of the IMF/World Bank meetings here, and I don’t expect to be until something explodes.

A house down the street from me is being built from the ground up. They’ve gone as far as to erect a two-storey structure, but it’s still just bare concrete pillars in a boxlike shape. I’ve decided to take a photo of it from the same spot every other day when I pass, and at the end I will be able to put together a video of it. I expect it might be an anticlimax as buildings nowadays are skeletons one moment and fully painted the next.

Next Monday will mark the end of my first three months at my first real job. It’s taken over my life a little more than I’d planned to let it, but it’s an infringement I still manage to enjoy, albeit at the cost of time with family and significant other. Well, you’re either mediocre and unmotivated at your job or you’re not, and I don’t intend to take it too easy just yet.

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