Something I bought, something I want

I got myself another pair of Sennheisers yesterday, this time they’re headphones. The PX100s are relatively cheap, and awesome. It’s just that maybe my head is a little too big for them. I am told by many colleagues that I have a big head, and there’s reason to believe they also mean it dimensionally. I bought them mainly for use at the office, to plug into my Mac, but I’m beginning to think they are far too good to leave at work. Anyway you should try them out if canalphones like the previously-mentioned CX300s are not your thing.

Which brings me to this fantastic Japan-only coinbank that could actually get me saving. There’s a little monochrome screen on it, with a cartoon man living inside. Everytime you deposit money, he benefits, and you can watch his spartan apartment slowly grow into a luxury yuppie hellhole complete with BeoSound systems. Ok, I was kidding. TokyoMango describes it better.

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