Last night at 10, I was seized by the irrational urge to own a good notebook (preferably leather) and kickstart some useful writing. I should mention that I was seized at 7 by a corresponding urge to protect my new iPod in a preferably leather case, but managed to fight it off. So I ran out and took a cab down to town, all the while debating the differences between Moleskines, Ciaks, and Miquelriuses. It’s not an easy snap decision!

Long story short, I ended up with (not settled for, mind you) 2 handsome pocket-sized black leather Ciak Notos. I’m convinced they’re better than Moleskines for several reasons, but I can’t yet be sure. But strongly in their favour: 1) Italian leather bound, 2) flexible covers, 3) horizontal elastic (holds pens), 4) thicker paper, 5) more of it.

See for yourself: Ciak

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