Left work early! OMG

Ok I’m over Kate Wax.

Managed to get home early for once today, and watched American Idol. I think last year’s contestants were better, although Blake did a pretty cool beatboxing + Bon Jovi cover for something on a show about the death of music. Then again, once Justin Timberlake becomes known for bringing beatboxing to the mainstream, you know music never had a chance.

Also watched an episode from the new season of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, and it was fu#*ing wonderful except for local censorship of every other thing he said. I really loved that show back in the days of the first season. I do find it a problem though when he does his best to demolish the head chef (usually deserved) in front of the help, and then complains later that he isn’t displaying enough confidence. Oh well. He’s earned the right to be a royal asshole, in the kitchen at least.


I’ve had it with my Nokia E65. What a piece of shit the Symbian 60 OS is. A complete joke when it comes to usability. I pity everyone out there with a Nokia N series phone. Don’t fall for the advertising. I fall for it all the time, and I’m responsible for some of that shit! But just say no. Don’t believe it.

Years ago, when Nokia came out with their first cameraphone, you know the one, it was purple – they had a great ad for it. Lovely music by Zap Mama (Take Me Coco), and really well-shot visuals. A woman with flowing fabric, in the desert. That ad made me believe I would go to sleep one night and wake up as David LaChapelle. But if you saw the photos off that camera you’d know it was a lie. We were luckier back then. The lies were far enough away from the truth that we actually had a chance.

These days, with YouTube turning people into celebrities, yeah why not? Why shouldn’t a crappy video shot on a Nokia N93i be the turning point in your life? Because the phone sucks ass, that’s why, and you’ll snap it across your thigh in frustration before you even get home to transfer your shitty-ass video onto a real computer. What’s that? Yes, I said a real computer! Your N series phone is not a “multimedia computer”! It’s not “what computers have become”! Don’t falllllll for itttttt!

I’m trading mine in tomorrow for a good old Sony-Ericsson K800i. I took a lot more photos when I had my K750i. The 2mp camera on it was decent, and dependable. I’ve barely taken a goddamned photo in the last 2 months with this Nokia because it just makes my friends look like green shit golems. It’s a fucking embarrassment. No Japanese schoolgirl would be caught dead using one, and as you should know, they are the benchmark against which my life is lived.

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