Share mobile photos with Radar [cNet Crave]
Yahoo! Tech blog thoughts on Radar

I’m extremely excited about Radar, having just uploaded my first photo. It’s like a visual twitter, and only for your friends. So it’s like flickr + your friends + TV. Every day as you go about your business and take cameraphone photos of interesting things, you send them to Radar. And when you’ve got a bunch of friends doing that, you can see what everyone’s days have been like. It’s a continuous photostream of the recent past, in theory. I can only think of one friend with an unlimited mobile data plan, but hopefully more will play along. The days are long boring. I need my friendflickrTV.

There’s a custom app I’m about to download, but it will work even without it. You can see thumbnails of all your contacts’ photos through a page on your phone browser, or you can see them from a browser on a regular PC. The difference between Radar and flickr (that I can discern), is that Radar is strictly for friends. And it has an official Facebook app for integration (flickr hasn’t done it yet). Facebook, of course, is how I found Radar in the first place.

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