Haikulog.com gets some love

In the middle of what is currently a pretty busy workweek, I suddenly felt the need for a side project that wasn’t about videogames, the best links on the whole internet for perverted technophiles, and growing the most stylish chinstrap in the world. And then I realized that I already had one.

Haikulog, my poor forgotten child, has actually been getting a fair number of hits (so much so that I don’t quite believe it and will be installing a new counter soon) despite not having been updated since January. My god, it’s so easy to lose a year when you’re at the office twelve or more hours a day on a regular basis. At least that’s over for now.
So today I posted again, and hopefully will find the time to keep it going this time. If anyone knows a good CMS I could use for posting photos with captions (I’m using the now-defunct PixelPost) that has nifty stuff like a mobile posting interface, please let me know!

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