Every so often, I’m asked my opinion on what the best choice for a digital camera under $500 is, or what games out are worth buying. I’m also asked how to fix PC problems, but thankfully my answer for the last 3 years has been, “Sorry chump, I don’t keep up with Windows anymore.”

Presumably, friends and acquaintances continue to brave my really poor personal conduct, short temper, and boastful behavior (as you are experiencing for yourself now) when asking these questions because I usually have the answers. But before you start to feel awe and jealousy towards these gifts of mine, know that they are not born of some innate taste compass or gatherer’s instinct. I actually spend a lot of time doing pointless research to satisfy my need to shop. Often, an obsession with a certain product does not end in me buying it, but that may have no bearing on its quality or finer points of operation. Many of these thoroughly researched gems are perfectly fit for recommendation to others, which is where my usefulness as a human being is thought to begin and end.
To make the most of this situation, today I announce the opening of my affiliate store. For the time-being, it shall be called the “ + store”. You should see a small selection of its offerings in an ad banner above, with a link to visit the full store page close by.
In this store, you will find gadgets, books, DVDs, games, and assorted products that I consider fit to be purchased by any person drawn to the intersection of price, style, and performance. In most cases, these are things I already own and enjoy. In all other cases, they are things I would gladly buy for myself. Thrice. In some ways it’s a wish-list more for your benefit than mine.*
One criteria I’ve observed in the exquisite handpicking of these items is that they must be fantastic bargains. You know how it is. Amazon is packed with many obscure deals better than any local store near you could offer, but you lack a personal shopper to show the way. That’s me now. Any time your wallet feels a little heavy and you need a little retail therapy, drop by the store and see what I’ve found.
*Disclosure: I receive a small affiliate incentive of approximately four percent in store credit on most transactions through this store page.

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