Full English Breakfast

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Full English Breakfast, originally uploaded by philcampbell.

My absolute favorite breakfast in the world is actually a combination of every great breakfast food, detailed in this wikipedia entry: The Full Breakfast (also known as a Full English/Irish/Scottish Breakfast or Fry Up). There’s an interesting related article on Bacon & Eggs which was apparently popularized in 1920s America by Edward Bernays, who seems to have been a god in the PR world. He sold bacon by surveying 5000 physicians in support of his claim that a hearty breakfast was good for health.

One of my favorite parts of going on holiday anywhere is eating the hotel’s breakfast buffet and piling my plate high with about 10 eggs, scrambled, and loads of sausages and bacon. It’s why I can’t do the backpacking thing. That, and I can’t live with rats and roaches. I think the only hotel to let me down was one I stayed at in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. Their idea of breakfast was cold Nasi Lemak, and even colder eggs fried sunny-side up.
That said, it’s actually very hard to find good bacon in the UK. Have a look on flickr and count the number of times you see rashers fried to a crispy golden color. They like them limp and pink, for some reason. Black Pudding, which is nothing more than cooked blood, I have no problem with.

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