Undocumented facts about the Nokia N82

Edit: I’ve decided not to write a review because the guy at Gadgetnutz.com has done a really comprehensive job here. It’s got all of the points I wanted to make and far more insight into the tech. If you can hold out though, it seems Nokia will be releasing a touchscreen version of S60 in the first half of 2008. That might be one reason why Nokia made a candybar as appealing as the N82, with all the power of the flagship N95 and the first Xenon flash unit in the N-Series – it’s a swan song.
Here are some annoyances I’m noticing about my new phone, the kind that nobody tells you about before you buy it. Updated as I go along.
– As much as I love the idea of a WebKit-based browser on my mobile phone, Nokia’s built-in browser is a bit of a pain to use. The weak navikey/d-pad (see point below) doesn’t help either when you want to move the virtual mouse cursor around. Another glaring oversight is the lack of shortcut keys for page scrolling. I’ve installed Opera Mobile for S60 and the Opera Mini Java applet to make up for its inadequacies, and they are fantastic.
– The screen isn’t very bright or sharp compared to the N95, or even my old SE K800. Needs some glass.
– Camera shutter sound can’t be turned off.
– No volume control over Java apps. Powerful speakers mean every game will be played too loud.
– Once installed, you can’t move apps from the memory card to the phone or vice versa.
– The PC Map Loader software doesn’t let you remove maps once installed on the phone. You may only add new maps, or wipe them all and start over. Every map has to be downloaded before it can be installed, even if you’ve downloaded it before. This deters you from frequently wiping and loading new maps.
– The D-Pad is a little soft and fragile-feeling. Pressing to the right (if you’re right-handed) puts your thumb in a position to accidentally hit the Multimedia Menu button, which pauses what you’re doing.

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