Blogger template needed

Have finally updated my Blogger service to New-and-Hosted-at-Google Blogger. So these pages are being served by, although they still appear to come from my domain.

It also mandates the use of modern web code, in order to use their sidebar widgets and other CSS-y things I can’t understand, so I’ve had to get rid of my old template. Am still looking for one that doesn’t suck.

The best I could do in the meantime was this simple 2-column layout that was, ironically, one of the first Blogger templates ever. Entitled Tekka, it was designed by Blogger/Twitter founder Evan Williams long before the much-lauded second batch of designs by Douglas Bowman and Dan Rubin. Oh how dated those are looking now, only a couple of years on. It just goes to show how you can’t go too far wrong with cleanliness and simplicity.