Charlton Heston DIES, in life!

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Charlton Heston DIES, originally uploaded by sangsara.

The Straits Times sure knows how to typeset a classy obituary. From this day onwards, I can do little else but live in the hope of receiving this level of respect (and drama) at the end of my life.

It’s almost as if the editor was shocked about it. Like it was the last thing anyone could expect Charlton Heston to do at the age of 84, after years of battling Alzheimer’s. I imagine they were probably in the midst of preparing other possible “Charlton Heston _______” headlines when the news came in over the wire.

“Oh my god, I just heard…. he’s DEAD! Pull the ‘Charlton Heston Breaks Motocross Jump Record’ story, now!”

“But what will we use for a headline!?”

“Good god, man, just get it out there! This is no time for craft!!”

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