Apple App Store’s release dates flawed

I’ve just discovered that iPod touch/iPhone apps in the App Store (as displayed in iTunes) are tagged with incorrect release dates, which renders viewing apps by ‘Release Date’ criteria completely broken. I’m accustomed to checking for new apps each day by browsing the store in such a manner, but it seems I’ve missed a number of releases I was waiting for because the newly released apps were backdated and appeared out of order.

I think the so-called release dates shown might actually be the dates that the apps were submitted for approval and listing.

Evidence: Spore Origins, a highly awaited game that was released on Sept 8 following the Sept 7 worldwide release of its PC/Mac version, has a Sept 5 release date. At present, one must navigate back 25 pages of the Sort By Release Date view to locate it – a blockbuster game released yesterday. Ditto for Real Football 2009, which was just demoed at the Let’s Rock iPod music event.

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