Watching Leo

I meant to be in bed by three tonight, but got caught up watching Leo Laporte do his weekly The Tech Guy radio show. For those who don’t know, Leo is an ex-TV presenter and old radio hand who dispenses IT advice and covers trends and news in a very accessible way. I’m personally enamored of his easygoing presentation style and vocal impersonations, tuning in to his This Week In Tech podcast almost as much to hear his voice as for the content.

The most interesting thing he does now is broadcast live video during the taping of all his podcasts and radio shows (in a new studio he built from scratch near his home in California), so fans can watch the process. It comes up to be about 30 hours on camera each week, and that chatroom has something like 3 to 5 thousand participants per show. I love having it on in my screen while I read or do other things, just a pity about the time difference. If you’re up past midnight, check the link below to see if he’s on.

Twit Live

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