Advancements in sandwich technology

Science is ready to build a robotic girlfriend. We have the technology.

Believe it or not, the sandwiches from vending machines like this aren’t half bad. I found this in the carpark of Mount Elizabeth Hospital tonight. The only other time I’ve seen a similar machine was in the lobby of Thomson Medical Center. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. It’s only attractive in the presence of bad hospital food? But no, not half bad.

Two choices are available, and I’m told these are cycled every few days. The new sandwiches are delivered fresh daily, so with any luck, you’ll eat something newer than what’s on the shelf of your local 7-Eleven. I had a Sichuan Pepper Chicken Sandwich ($2.80), but the other choice was Chicken & Cheese ($2.30). You can also buy both for $4.50, but I was out of change.

Once ordered, it takes about 90 seconds to toast the sandwich (which stays wrapped in a paper bag), and then you toss it around from hand to hand for a minute. It seems there are only 20 of these machines nationwide, and they are operated by a company called HotBake.

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