Blast! is now a photoblog

Until about six months ago, I used to post interesting found links on a Tumblr over at, until I decided to consolidate them with the posts on my main blog.
I’m now using that blog as a place to post photos on a daily basis directly from my iPhone. Check it out if you’re into that sorta thing.

Edit: I’m now running the whole thing off Posterous, which handily imported every post from Tumblr. Posterous is currently my favorite tool for fuss-free blogging, it doesn’t offer all the features that WordPress and Blogger do, but it’s a wonderfully designed product that does a little bit more than enough, with a healthy amount of polish. The only thing that held me back from migrating Blast! was Posterous’ lack of theme flexibility, and the small size at which photos are displayed. Coincidentally, new features were launched today that solved those problems.

Here’s the way Blast! looks now:

One of Tumblr’s main charms (at least when you first use it) is that it asks you to define the kind of post you’re creating before you start on it. Is it text? Is it a photo? Is it a quote? This quickly becomes one of its greatest limitations. Posterous lets you put together any combination of text, video, audio, and photos to tell whatever story you want.

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