Keisuke Tonkotsu King ramen


This place just sprang up near the office, an offshoot of the Keisuke at Millennia Walk (not to be confused with the also- excellent Nantsuttei). Now, a proper Japanese ramen restaurant near home or the office has always been a dream of mine, in the way that being able to experience the convenience of good noodles down the street as if one were living in Japan is the next best thing to uprooting and actually being there, so I’m really glad that their standard bowl is well-crafted and authentic. The staff seem mostly Japanese and prone to misunderstanding your English, which I consider an essential part of replicating the full experience. They give you all the boiled eggs you can eat for free (“even you eat one hundred is okay”), bean sprouts in a separate jar that you add to your own noodles, sesame seeds in a little mortar and pestle, and a bunch of other condiments.

I am going to get so fat on this shit.

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