State of the Singapore iPhone 4S launch

As at noon, Sunday the 23rd of October:

SingTel – No news on pre-orders with 5 days to go, but they’ve started taking names, at least. I suspect they will have a small window for pre-orders tomorrow or Tuesday, which will sell out within 2 hours.

StarHub – Publicly announced there would be no pre-orders, but has approached select subscribers via SMS to pre-order via a secret site. Other customers are learning about it, and are pissed. Poor move, in my opinion.

M1Midnight launch event and prices announced ahead of competitors. Will have online orders on the 28th with home delivery after the 30th. BUT ALL IPHONE PLANS NO LONGER HAVE FREE INCOMING CALLS. That last bit is just astounding to me. Subscribers will have to sign up for a free incoming plan and bolt-on an expensive data sub on top of it. I understand why they’re doing it — the aggressive price wars from a few years back hurt all 3 telcos — but blinking first puts them at a major disadvantage.

Apple — Started selling unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4Ss on their site two days ago and sold out in under 24 hours. I managed to buy one in the initial batch, but it may not arrive till the second week of November, according to Apple’s delivery estimate.

24/10 edit: Okay, I could be wrong about M1 removing its free incoming calls. A sub-page of their iPhone site still makes mention of the feature for “all iPhone plans”. Most likely, it’s a case of unclear web writing: by saying “or choose one of our free incoming call plans”, they probably didn’t mean to make it sound like an “either/or” choice. Free Incoming Calls Plans is probably their official name for that category.

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