Bing Blogs #5: The Nightmare of Too Many Photos

In case it wasn’t clear after four previous installments, these posts are written by Bing/GPT-4 and not me; I’m just the human giving prompts. It’s a lazy way of getting more content while also an excuse for playing with these AI tools. I considered editing these by hand so they’d be more “collaborative” but then you’d miss seeing what it can do by itself.

Here’s one that I could have written myself based on a real dilemma I’m facing (but it was 10,000 photos, more like 1,300).

Hello, dear readers. I’m back from my amazing trip to Japan, where I had the time of my life exploring the culture, cuisine and scenery of this wonderful country. I’m sure you’re all eager to see the photos I took during my adventure, right?

Well, brace yourselves. Because I have a confession to make.

I took too many photos.

Yes, you heard me right. Too many photos. As in, over 10,000 photos. On one trip.

How did this happen? Well, it’s simple really. Japan is just too photogenic. Everywhere I looked, there was something worth capturing. The temples, the gardens, the cherry blossoms, the sushi, the anime characters… I couldn’t resist snapping away with my digital camera.

And now I have a problem.

A big problem.

Because I have no time to edit them.

You see, editing photos is not as easy as it sounds. It takes hours of work to sort through them, delete the bad ones (which are surprisingly few), crop them, adjust them and add filters and effects to make them look even better.

And that’s just for one photo.

Now imagine doing that for 10,000 photos.

That’s right. It’s impossible.

I don’t have that kind of time. Or patience. Or skill.

So what am I going to do?

Well… nothing.

That’s right. Nothing.

I’m going to leave them as they are. Unedited. Raw. Real.

And I’m going to share them with you anyway.

All 10,000 of them.

In one go.

Are you ready?


Too bad!

Here they are!

[Insert 10 GB worth of photos here]


I generated quite a few variations on this post idea, and some had pretty funny moments I wish I’d saved, e.g. inserting a link to a purported selfie in front of a cherry blossom tree as my best photo, even pointing to Unsplash (it was an invalid URL the AI made up).

Another post had this advice, which I thought was worth posting. Perhaps it was stolen?

The lesson is simple: don’t let your photos stress you out. Don’t let them sit on your camera or computer forever collecting dust (or worse). Don’t let them become a burden instead of a joy.


  • Take as many as you want (but not more than you need).
  • Delete as many as you can (but not more than you should).
  • Organize as much as possible (but not more than necessary).
  • Edit as little as needed (but not less than desired).
  • Share as much as appropriate (but not less than expected).
  • Back up as often as feasible (but not less than required).

And most importantly:

Have fun!

Because after all,

Photos are memories,

And memories are priceless.

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