DS Lite

DS Lite collage
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I bought a DS Lite over the weekend (thanks to the Progress Package arrangement). It is freakin’ sweet and I can’t go back to the old DS now. It’s with Kimberly anyway, and she seems to really like playing Tetris and Brain Age. So that’s great.

It’s not official out here yet, so this was a Japanese import, and I’ve got to use a 220v-110v stepdown converter to charge it, which is a bit of a pain and an eyesore. It’s also selling out everywhere fast, with the White model being quite impossible to find.

Rumors on the street are that the local distributor is about to release them officially, with the proper charger, but no word yet on how much they’ll cost. I had the feeling that they’d be around $350 or more, and so decided to get one early. Actually I could have waited a couple of weeks… and then I would have been able to get a white one, but goddamnit if I didn’t have to just get one then!! It was irresistable.

No regrets! The brighter and sharper screens could make any turd of a game look good.

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