New Mac ads

Apple has made good on their promise to deliver new ads focused on the benefits of Macs over PCs. Specifically OSX and the bundled iLife suite. There are 6 ads in the campaign, and I like just about all of them. They’re clean, easy to understand, cute, and funny. Link

The new Get A Mac blitz also features 14 reasons why you should do so, and debunks 6 old reasons people used to give about Switching. All very neat. I can tell you how it’s all true and I’ve had hardly a bad moment on this computer in the last 2 years, but you’d just call me biased. I love my Mac. So much so that even as great new models come out, and I get closer and closer to affording one, I’m actually happy to keep on working and living with this old model as long as it lasts. That’s something that never happened in my 18 years of buying, building, and upgrading PC desktops.

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