Nintendo owns me for 2006

Stayed up last night to watch the live E3 Nintendo press conference on Gamespot. It was awesome, of course. Consider me on the waiting list for the Wii, and a very proud DS Lite owner.

Most incredible was the news that over 100 new games will be released for the DS between now and the end of the year. Joystiq has what appears to be the full list. Everyone doubted the DS’ ability to motivate third-party developers in the beginning, and the PSP was to survive on “at least” ports of PS2 titles, guaranteeing a steady stream of content.

A year on, and the PSP seriously lacks original games, whereas the DS is in danger of having too many. If I could only afford to play one new game a month, what in the world should it be? Starfox DS? Phoenix Wright 2? Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam? New Super Mario Bros? Kirby DS? Big Brain Academy, Sudoku, and all the other Touch Generations games for adults? Yoshi’s Island 2? Lunar Knights? Final Fantasy 3????

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so incapable of making a decision, except when shopping for music. Imagine how much more the problem will be compounded by this time next year with even more games out for the Wii. The effect of this veritable carpet bombing of fun is that I don’t even have time to consider an Xbox 360 or a PS3. Great strategy, Nintendo. If you can deliver so hard on just 2 (unique) platforms, why should anyone consider another?

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