Japanese food products and candy, delivered for free

Candy freaks (I can think of one) may first be amazed, and then positively elated to hear that doesn’t just deliver games and DVDs to Singapore for free, but also “groceries”.

Above (L to R): Meiji Pucca Banana Choco (SGD$3.19), Bourbon Chotos Bitter Chocolate Rusk (SGD$4.00), Happy Cherry Candy (SGD$3.19). All prices include delivery.

Ramen freaks and MSG-addicts like myself will probably gravitate wallet-first towards these other products:

Above (L to R): Hello Kitty Dim Sum noodle bowl – Japanese Curry flavor (SGD$1.59), Nissin Cup Noodles – Pork Chowder(!) flavor (SGD$2.07), Baby Star Ramen Snack – 4 pack in Chicken/Mayonnaise/Tempura/Soy Sauce flavors (SGD$3.19).
All prices include delivery.

Here’s the main Groceries page with many more. Order away!

(Disclaimer: I receive a small commission under Play-Asia’s affiliate program when purchases are made after a visit originating from this site.)

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