Japanese food products and candy, delivered for free

Candy freaks (I can think of one) may first be amazed, and then positively elated to hear that Play-Asia.com doesn’t just deliver games and DVDs to Singapore for free, but also “groceries”.

Above (L to R): Meiji Pucca Banana Choco (SGD$3.19), Bourbon Chotos Bitter Chocolate Rusk (SGD$4.00), Happy Cherry Candy (SGD$3.19). All prices include delivery.

Ramen freaks and MSG-addicts like myself will probably gravitate wallet-first towards these other products:

Above (L to R): Hello Kitty Dim Sum noodle bowl – Japanese Curry flavor (SGD$1.59), Nissin Cup Noodles – Pork Chowder(!) flavor (SGD$2.07), Baby Star Ramen Snack – 4 pack in Chicken/Mayonnaise/Tempura/Soy Sauce flavors (SGD$3.19).
All prices include delivery.

Here’s the main Groceries page with many more. Order away!

(Disclaimer: I receive a small commission under Play-Asia’s affiliate program when purchases are made after a visit originating from this site.)

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