Grave of the Fireflies candy

Remember that Studio Ghibli-produced anime movie that you cried like an idiot at? You know, the one set during World War II, with the two freshly-orphaned Japanese kids with no survival skills. They lived in a cave, in their blissfully naive fantasy world, eating “fruit drop” candies out of a metal tin until the candy ran out. And when they filled the tin with water, and drank the fruit flavored water, you totally lost it. Yeah I know you did. You knew that the end of the candy signified the coming end of their pathetic struggle against starvation. For the record, I laughed with the glee of a disenfranchised mailbomber because I really hated those stupid characters.

Well anyway. Now the candy never has to run out, because you can buy loads of the shit from with free shipping for approx SGD$4.80 a tin. I’ve ordered two!


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