Just a quick update now that things are mostly working again. My host had server trouble over the last weekend and decided to move our data to another datacenter. Then, partway through migration, the old datacenter deleted the untransferred data. So my site was lost, but I still have everything off-site thanks to blogger, with the rest on my harddisk. This is why I will always trust blogger over any other client-side app.

The host claimed that our stuff will be restored from backups shortly, but I’ve had enough. So ten minutes ago, I bought a shitload of space somewhere more reliable, and will be moving all my sites over in the next few days. During that time, this site will be inaccessible or not very well behaved, so bear with it a little longer.

I entertained thoughts of abandoning the domain name and starting a new anonymous blog elsewhere, but ultimately I’m too attached to it. I did buy a couple of new domains though, for new projects rolling out soon.

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