Charlie Parker played, "All is well."

This blog and are now running off the new server, and everything is going well. I lost all my mixtape archives, and the silly videos that were in my Random folder, so I will have to start filling those up again. No big issue; I’ve got room to grow and bandwidth to burn now. I may even redesign this site while I’m at it.

I’ll be starting a proper t-shirt store once I find a reliable supplier and printer, as well as sort out the small problem of building up a good library of designs. The URL to that will be posted once it’s ready.

Kimberly is back safely, for those of you who know her. It is indescribably good to have her around again. And I have 2 very cool new shirts and some other miscellaneous cool presents. I’ll post pictures to flickr later. Ok, time to get some sleep before the World Cup finals and what should be a busy work week.