Fluid Logo Theory

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Fluid Logo Theory (20070216), originally uploaded by sangsara.

One of the best feelings I know is going into old notebooks and harddrives, and finding things I don’t remember doing. In this case here, I was bored and started a chain of websites that I’m sure nobody visited (and that I never finished). There was some kind of weird philosophy behind it all, but I don’t recall exactly, and I’m not sure whether I was consciously trying to be ridiculous, or if I just was.

Right now I’m simply amazed that I once had the time to write so much nonsense on a page that was never uploaded. The working life is hard, and my blog/s are dying slow deaths of being updated only when my memory reflects upon its own fragility – like turning on a digital camera and seeing something briefly on it’s screen before the battery dies. “Oh yes, I took some photos once. Maybe I should upload them. Where’s that cable gone to?”

And I’ve forgotten how I made those damned circles, which I’d really like to know at this point!

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