Yahoo! Go beta imminent

Yahoo! Go. The Internet to go.

I rarely get excited about Yahoo! products, but this Friday will see the release of a new Yahoo! Go beta, including a version localized for Singapore. One has to admit that Yahoo! seems a great deal more committed to localization here than Google. Their movie times service is one example, and I’m not sure, but I think their Maps are far more usable than Google Maps in a local context.

Hopefully, Friday’s version will be the long awaited Java MIDP2 version, compatible with most modern phones including my Sony Ericsson K800. See the demo at the website linked above. Very promising. Location Awareness means you can get listings of businesses and services in your city, as well as advanced access to Flickr, news, weather services, etc. all in one custom app. I currently use their Mobile site when I need these things, but nothing beats a fast local client.

Geek out.

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