Presenting: Object Magazine

I started a new site a few weeks back because I had a few vacation days and not much more to do than sit at home playing Batman Arkham City. The concept had been settling for awhile, without too much direct thought. Armed with the knowledge that I often take pleasure in evaluating things, and recommending said things to friends sans qualifying statements, I decided a blog about five-star, must-have products was going to have legs.

It’s made with Posterous and a theme by Cory Watilo, with an Amazon affiliate store attached so I can keep as many of the featured items together in one place ready for purchase (and also because the thought of playing storekeeper sounded fun). I initially ran into some trouble with an unusual Posterous bug, but a complaint on Twitter later, and I had a direct email line to support thanks to one of their VPs, Rich Pearson. That was a great customer moment; just thought I’d mention it.

So, Object is dead simple. Just three main post types.

Features: Product reviews with big, full-width photography that I try and do myself. Usually with my Ricoh GR Digital III.

Perceptions: Stuff I don’t have yet and haven’t tested, but which look promising. Using photography found online and in press kits. I put these photos together in one carousel-based gallery instead of spreading them out.

Radar: Upcoming products. Photography as above.
It’s a side project, and work has been keeping me pretty busy. Nevertheless, I’ll try and have new content up on a weekly basis.

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