Jon Gold on the Lumia 800 and WP7

Jon Gold bought a Lumia:

Metro is undeniably gorgeous but I still can’t form an objective opinion about whether the phone as a whole is good enough to replace my iPhone.

The facts say it’s good enough. My heart says no.

I just can’t rationalise living outside of the Apple safety net. 80% of the population probably can, and will love a phone that smokes Android.

This is how sort of how I feel every time I see Windows Phone. The smartest people I know say it's good enough, worth trying, better than Android. I'm sure they're right but it feels wrong in my gut. Is it down to being too different to what I know, and it just needs time? It's easy to point out a few of Microsoft's bold design decisions and where their intended use cases don't apply to my own needs, but in the end it's about how everything feels.

But it's hard to ignore that with Nokia behind it, "Windows Phone 7.5 Mango" now has a bit of a chance, and it's one of the most interesting platforms to study for mobile design projects. The dilemma reminds me of the days when I shuttled between Nokia and Sony-Ericsson phones, where every phone switch demanded learning a lot of paradigms from scratch. With the iPhone being good enough that I haven't switched away in four years, I've felt free of that ritual. It's been comfortable. But the curse of curiosity is that I know I'm going to do it again anyway, and work just becomes the latest excuse.

(via Daring Fireball)

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