Week 51.22

  • Twitter’s devolution continues and this John Gruber summary of the week’s palm-on-face events should be enough to convince you that maybe it really will become unusable this time, and you should rethink your continued engagement with Elon/SpaceKaren/Elmo’s platform and find somewhere else to be.
  • Among many users I’ve seen migrating to Mastodon, I was particularly impressed by Federico Viticci’s decision to fully move his MacStories operation to Mastodon, and on their own server too. The Washington Post also published a how-to guide for getting started with the federated network, which should help many more make the jump.
  • Once again, you can follow me at https://mastodon.lol/@sangsara
  • It was a tradition in the early years to assemble the team at work for a Christmas dinner and festive activities, but COVID and various organizational obstacles meant that it hadn’t happened in recent years (I wasn’t around last year either). It wasn’t looking good this time, especially since all the people who’re good at planning anything weren’t around, but at the last minute we managed to make something happen on Wednesday, albeit not Christmassy at all in theme or cuisine, and it was good to have at least tried. Perhaps a proper event will happen next year, if enough stars align.
  • There were two more oversized seasonal dinners with friends and family this week, one vegetarian — if that helps with the health aspect. Okay, but the other was a buffet, so maybe not. We also stayed up to watch the admittedly quite exciting World Cup final on Sunday: the only match of this entire problematic and odd tournament that I saw. Blog archives reveal I was once quite into watching football World Cups, though. And in a case of history repeating from 2006 to the present (related: still haven’t finished Netflix’s First Love), the week ahead looks to also be a very busy one at work.
  • Music-wise, I discovered The Jayhawks and their debut album Hollywood Town Hall from 1992. It’s solid and very listenable stuff. Also listened to Keith Jarrett as a solo performer for the first time and was perplexed by the strange, semi-possessed yelping vocalizations being picked up in the background of these recordings of jazz standards by his trio. So I looked it up, and hey it’s a thing he’s known for.
  • Honesty warning: I had another very hard week as a cat owner and am reflecting on whether this is something I can/want to do for the rest of her life. If you’re also a struggling germaphobe/anxiety nexus considering a pet, I recommend you think really hard about your own limits and expectations, along with your partner. I don’t expect others to understand but at the risk of sounding dramatic, it sometimes feels like my life is about to fall apart.

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