Week 32.22

Hello, it’s Sunday evening and I was hoping to say that I’d started and then spent all day playing Lost Judgment on the PS4. That didn’t happen but I saw two films instead.

Prey (4/5) was a surprise: the strongest and most memorable Predator franchise film in probably decades. All the other spinoffs and reboots haven’t stuck in memory because they were generic and lacked characters you care about. Prey takes place in a space and time we don’t often see in film, especially not in a genre flick like this, and splashes in some Horizon Zero Dawn and Tomb Raider familiarity by having a young female hunter protagonist master her dangerous environment.

Comparatively, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (3/5) was a letdown in the competence department, essentially taking its joke premise and stretching it out to feature length — and didn’t Jean Claude Van Damme already do something like this? But I enjoyed much of it, to be fair.

A few days ago, we put on Groundhog Day (500/5) on a whim, thinking we’d just see a little, and ended up watching the whole thing to the end, again. It is such a perfect film, the kind where you’re thankful every variable in the cosmos came together for it to exist.

Later: We binged all three parts of Netflix’s new documentary on Woodstock ‘99. It’s well made with extensive ground-level footage, and builds satisfyingly from ‘oh boy’ to ‘this is totally fucked’ just by chronologically following events. The scale of mismanagement and delusion from its organizers dwarfs that of the Fyre Festival. I don’t know why I have no mental recollection of this happening. Perhaps I was in the army at that point and didn’t get much news.

Game-wise, a quiet week. After finishing Life Is Strange: True Colors last Sunday, I only had time for a little Spiritfarer before we went on a brief staycation from the middle of the week. The hotel break was a long-unclaimed gift, maybe from last Christmas, that we decided to use now since it’s something of a long weekend ahead. Although only two days, it put us in the area bordering Arab Street and Little India, which meant a chance to see some sights and eat at a couple of new places.

I live in this city but it’s taken me all these years to finally visit Atlas, a cocktail bar that is probably on several World’s Best lists, on account of not having that many friends to drink with and its reputation for being a fancy place for people who like to dress well. It was rather good and not unreasonably priced either. The Art Deco interior is remarkably cool (if you played Bioshock, it will trigger unpleasant memories), but didn’t photograph very well on my iPhone given the late afternoon mixed lighting. So what I did was try to generate a similar scene with Midjourney, and then used Pixelmator Photo’s AI-powered “match colors” feature to transplant the vibe over to the real life photo. Not a bad idea, if I do say so myself.

It also took about two or three years since Nicolas Le Restaurant was first recommended by my brother-in-law for us to finally make a reservation there. My threadbare jeans, flat pockets, and lack of wine knowledge were swiftly recognized and appropriate recommendations were deftly made to accompany the five-course meal, all of it excellent to our unrefined palates, and so I happily pass the recommendation onto you now.

We also did a quick introduction to pottery “throwing” (?) as an afternoon activity on the second day. It was my second time, and proved that I must have gotten lucky the first time around where I did really well. It seemed much harder this time to control the clay while trying to make a simple high-walled cup. One wrong move and you’re taking home an ashtray. I guess that’s a life metaphor.

In the unlikely jackpot event of you 1) still reading this AND 2) being into NFTs, then I’d like to direct you to a couple of new Deca galleries I’ve made. Cities is mostly made up of pieces I (sadly) don’t own, but that suggest urban shapes and structures to different degrees of abstraction. GPU Burners is a work-in-progress featuring pieces I do own, that are graphically intensive and best seen on a proper computer. The first artwork on the page is a new acquisition from the Jiometory no Compute series, which I’ve been wanting to get into for awhile now.


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