Week 49.22

It’s alarming how that number suddenly jumped to 49 and we’re nearly at the end of another year.

This week was another tough one, and and our cat isn’t feeling well. Next week will probably continue to be challenging.

The Apple App Awards were announced and this mental health How We Feel is an easy recommendation. It allows you to log and analyze your emotions over time. You just need to quickly check in by picking a word that describes your mood in the moment.

We did go out and have an incredible dinner experience on Friday, however, at a home-based private dining set up called The Estate & Co. — a labor of love by two brothers and their families, telling the story of the Arab community in Singapore of which they’re a part, through the recreation of inherited recipes and a beautiful home that serves as a museum of their culture’s storied past. They only do it once or twice a month, as it takes days to prepare. The amount of food you get is easily double what’s required, as is apparently the tradition when hosting guests. I can’t recommend it enough if you can gather a group of 8–10 people.

Nothing much more this week. I am a shell.

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